Peter Ferriero. Director. producer. actor. husband.

Pete Ferriero’s directorial debut was the 2017 documentary film ‘The Price of Fame’. In it Ferriero, explored the struggles of fame, and faith inside the colorful world of professional wrestling. The film screened in 650 theaters for one night as a part of a Fathom Event, in addition trended on Amazon and iTunes when it was released digitally.
Ferriero wrote, produced and acted in the TV Pilot, The Uncle Gerry Show about a regional late night talk show host set in the 1970's. It stars Vincent Pastore, Tony Darrow, Paul Borghese, Sam Ivers, and Maria May. He’s acted in ‘Backfire’ on Netflix, as well as several other comedic web series, and pilots.
His most recent project, ‘Her Name is Chef’ was inspired by a first hand experience Ferriero had at a local New Jersey  female owned restaurant in which the owner was struggling to prove herself to her male counterparts.  In the docu-series, Director, Ferriero tackles the topic of gender equality in a male dominated industry through the eyes of some of the most talented women chefs. He often refers to the series as an homage to his Mother and Grandmother, the two best female cooks he’s known. 
He’s a Husband, Rolling Stones and avid NY Mets fan, and a proud Dad to his fur babies, twin Sheltie pups, Bianca and Sugar. Ferriero’s goal is to inspire, and raise awareness to people, places, emotion, causes, and truths.